Partnerships in All Their Facets

Our Main Target Groups:

Discover the range of our partnerships - from government organizations to passionate hunters. Find out how this diversity forms the basis for a unique range of products and services.

Police in Transition

Our close partnership with various police authorities forms the basis for innovative security solutions that meet the highest public safety requirements. By continually providing advanced equipment and specialized training opportunities we help police & special forces complete their missions with maximum efficiency and safety. Our commitment goes beyond delivery – together we strive to stay one step ahead to proactively address emerging challenges.

Top Equipment for Our Troops

Our commitment is to providing our troops with first-class equipment to ensure they are optimally equipped in any situation. From state-of-the-art weapon systems to innovative technologies, we rely on the highest quality standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our armed forces. Our focus is on offering products that not only meet current requirements but are also future-proof. Working closely with the armed forces we strive to understand the needs and challenges of modern operations and to use our equipment to make a decisive contribution to the success of every mission. Our partnership is based on trust, reliability and the common goal of ensuring the safety of our troops at all times.

Interface between Economy and Security

Our comprehensive range of first-class equipment products covers a wide spectrum to optimally support customs authorities in their important role as a crucial interface between business and security. From innovative technologies to proven solutions, we offer high-quality products that not only increase operational efficiency but also enable sustainable optimization of processes. We remain consistently true to our principles and always guarantee the highest standards in terms of safety and compliance

Partnership for Safety and Efficiency

In close cooperation with judicial authorities, we supply highly specialized security equipment to meet the requirements for effective processes. Our wide range of government products from state-of-the-art protective equipment to innovative security technologies help the judiciary carry out its responsibilities with the utmost efficiency and security. Through this reliable partnership we help ensure that judicial authorities can carry out their tasks with the highest level of protection and efficiency.

Local Security Equipment

Maintaining public order is essential to the well-being of every community. In close cooperation with regulatory authorities we offer targeted support to ensure that you can fulfill your responsibilities effectively. Our product range is designed to provide law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to successfully overcome challenges in public safety. Through innovative solutions and reliable equipment we strive to make a sustainable contribution to maintaining order and security in our society.

Exclusive Equipment for Your Passion

In addition to our close cooperation with government institutions we also offer an exclusive selection of high-quality security products for civilian customers including hunters and sport shooters. Our products feature outstanding quality materials and innovative technologies to ensure our customers can pursue their passions safely and responsibly. These exclusive solutions are available not only to end customers but also to dealers looking for first-class equipment for their customers.

Our partnership Philosophy is based on Three Key Principles:

Trustworthy Basis

Trust is at the heart of our relationships based on transparency, integrity and close collaboration. Discretion is essential and we are committed to protecting confidential information with the utmost responsibility.

Innovation Engine

Innovation is the driving force behind our collaboration, characterized by the continuous search for new ideas, technologies and approaches. Together with our partners we strive to push the boundaries of industry standards and create an environment that fosters innovation

Equal Partnership

Partnership equality is essential. We see our partners as equal co-creators and promote a culture in which ideas and goals are connected on the same level. This is how we develop the full potential of every relationship, create creative solutions and ensure sustainable success.

Partnerships that Write Success Stories and Set Standards

Our success stories are living examples of inspiring partnerships. Through transparent collaboration we have achieved considerable success with our partners. These successes serve as a guide for future partnerships. The voices of our satisfied partners are an expression of our shared successes. Awards confirm the effectiveness of our partnerships and encourage us to continually set new standards. Our references and success stories are living proof of the dynamism and success that we achieve together with our partners.

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