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Our Dedication to Justice and Security

We would like to express our appreciation and support for the committed men and women in the police, customs, judiciary, public order offices and special forces. Law enforcement products play a critical role in maintaining law and order and protecting our community.
Our product selection focuses on carefully selected items that meet the highest quality standards and meet the specific requirements of the various security authorities.
Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and inform you about the products available. We understand the requirements in this demanding field and are ready to help you choose the right equipment.
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our selected products and tailor-made solutions. We are here to best serve the needs of law enforcement and security forces.

Police in Transition

Our close partnership with various police authorities forms the basis for innovative security solutions that meet the highest public safety requirements. By continually providing advanced equipment and specialized training opportunities we help police & special forces complete their missions with maximum efficiency and safety. Our commitment goes beyond delivery – together we strive to stay one step ahead to proactively address emerging challenges.

Interface between Economy and Security

Our comprehensive range of first-class equipment products covers a wide spectrum to optimally support customs authorities in their important role as a crucial interface between business and security. From innovative technologies to proven solutions, we offer high-quality products that not only increase operational efficiency but also enable sustainable optimization of processes. We remain consistently true to our principles and always guarantee the highest standards in terms of safety and compliance.

Partnership for Safety and Efficiency

We deliver in close cooperation with judicial authorities
highly specialized safety equipment to meet the requirements for effective processes. Our wide range of government products from state-of-the-art protective equipment to innovative security technologies helps the judiciary carry out its responsibilities with the highest level of efficiency and security. Through this reliable partnership we help ensure that judicial authorities can carry out their tasks with the highest level of protection and efficiency.

Local Security Equipment

Maintaining public order is essential to the well-being of every community. In close cooperation with regulatory authorities we offer targeted support to ensure that you can effectively fulfill your responsibilities. Our product range is designed to provide law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to successfully overcome challenges in public safety. Through innovative solutions and reliable equipment, we strive to make a sustainable contribution to maintaining order and security in our society.

Manufacturer-Certified Simunition Training Sessions

Our experts with in-depth expertise in the field of simunition training lead our training courses. A main focus is on integrating the latest techniques and equipment to not only impart theoretical knowledge but also to develop practical skills.
The exclusive certifications of our Simunition courses by the manufacturer not only ensure the highest standards but also optimal adaptation to the latest industry developments. Our dedicated range of Simunition training units underlines our commitment to supporting law enforcement authorities. Our goal is to further strengthen the operational capability and efficiency of the military and law enforcement agencies.
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Excellent Training: Certified Breaching Programs

Our training courses are led by experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of breaching. We attach particular importance to integrating the most modern techniques and equipment in order to not only impart theoretical knowledge to the participants but also to develop practical skills.
The exclusive certifications of our courses by the manufacturers not only guarantee the highest standards but also optimal adaptation to the latest developments in the industry. Our dedicated support for the security forces is reflected in this range of breaching courses aimed at further strengthening the operational capability and efficiency of military and law enforcement agencies.
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The possible uses of Accuracy International

Learn more about how Accuracy International's high-precision rifles help increase the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies worldwide. These outstanding weapons are characterized not only by their precision but also by their extraordinary robustness which meets the specific requirements of use. The excellent accuracy of this weapon allows security forces to act precisely and purposefully which is crucial in critical situations.
Discover how incorporating cutting-edge technologies into the design of these weapons not only maximizes accuracy but also promotes the safety of law enforcement and the public at large. The advanced technologies help optimize mission readiness and enable security forces to effectively meet the dynamic and demanding challenges of the modern law enforcement environment.
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Appreciation for Authorities:

As an Expression of our Appreciation, Government Employees receive a 5% Discount on all Products

Reliable Partnerships

Our long-standing partnerships with renowned manufacturers enable us to offer you first-class products. We are proud to serve as a link between government and military needs and the best solutions available contributing to the security of our society by offering the best solutions available and continually seeking ways to improve our services. Working closely with our partners we will continue to explore the boundaries of innovation and ensure that our customers always have access to the most effective and efficient tools to address their challenges.

Exclusive Brand Partners for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Please note that we only deliver certain products to authorities and the military. If you require further information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our aim is to work in partnership to contribute to the safety and protection of our community by developing innovative and needs-based solutions.
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