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SKU: SF-WARCOMP-556-12-28
variant: .223 (5.56mm) 1/2"-28
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Flash Hider or Muzzle Brake? With the unique design of the SureFire WARCOMP Flash Hider/Suppressor Adapters, you get the best features of both.

The WARCOMPs impress with their outstanding reduction in muzzle flash and significant reduction in barrel flare. This keeps your position hidden, preserves your dark-adapted vision, and allows you to return to the target more quickly for follow-up shots. They effectively eliminate more than 98% of muzzle flash, even on short barrels, and their port orientation can be optimized for almost any shooting style.

Precision manufactured from certified, heat-treated stainless steel, each WARCOMP features precise one-piece threads for optimal thread connection on the barrel. The DLC coating offers maximum protection in extreme environmental conditions and makes cleaning easier even after intensive use.