SureFire SOCOM

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SKU: SFMB-556-12-28
variant: .223 (5.56mm) 1/2"-28
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You can rely on muzzle brakes to significantly reduce recoil impulse and minimize barrel rise. This allows for quick aiming between successive shots and keeps your weapon on track.

Manufactured from high precision heat treated stainless steel, DLC coated for extreme durability, they are available in a variety of calibers and muzzle thread specifications. Each SFMB acts as a sturdy mounting adapter for SureFire's proven SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® silencers.

Patented pulse diffusion design minimizes lateral pressure waves and rearward concussive effects for even greater accuracy. Each ProComp muzzle brake also features blind-drilled pilot holes at the 9 o'clock position, allowing you to customize the recoil characteristics to suit your shooting style or the characteristics of your ammunition. All you need is a standard hand drill and appropriate drill bits.

Invest in top quality and maximize your shooting precision with the SureFire ProComp muzzle brakes. Order now and experience the difference with every shot. Shoot. Recover. Repeat.