Spuhr Ø34 H35mm 20.6MOA AI block mount

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The block mount for Accuracy International (dovetail) has a 20.6 MOA pre-cant and 34mm diameter with an optical axis height of 35mm. A 10° adjustment wedge is also included.
Spuhr mounts with a height of H35 (Spuhr dimensions) = BH 18mm (ERA-TAC dimensions) are ideal for repeating rifles with a sloping barrel contour and rifle scopes with an external objective diameter of 62mm and a center tube diameter of 34mm.

Technical data:

  • Pre-tilt: 20.6 MOA / 6 MIL
  • Height OA: 35mm
  • Length: 121mm
  • Distance between center tube bridge: 6.8mm
  • Weight: 224g
  • Color: Black
  • Material: aluminum