Really Right Stuff Versa TVC-32G Mk2 SOAR 3

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The TVC-32G Versa Series 3 Mk2 Ground Carbon Fiber Tripod from Really Right Stuff is a tabletop tripod designed for low-angle shooting.

Made from Really Right Stuff's patented carbon fiber fabric, the TVC-32G weighs just 1.13kg and can safely hold up to 22.68kg. The 2-section leg design allows the tripod to extend to a maximum height of 34.93cm and lower to a minimum working height of just 7.37cm.

Quick set-up and take-down is enabled by easy-to-use twist locks that require only a quarter turn to unlock and re-lock each leg section. This design also helps maintain the tripod's slim folding shape. Additionally, the entire tripod folds down to just 10 inches long, which is small enough to fit in almost any bag or suitcase, ideal for travel.

Each leg is connected to the tripod's collar via an offset leg joint, which helps distribute heavy loads evenly and maintain the tripod's rigidity. The joints and the collar itself are made from lightweight anodized aluminum, which, in addition to its inherent strength, also gives the tripod natural wear and corrosion resistance. Each of the three leg joints also has a locking angle stop that automatically locks into place when the legs are folded down to the "standard" position.

The TVC-32G's feet have a unique teardrop shape that prevents the leg sections from touching the ground even at the lowest height settings and most unusual angles. Their rubber surface provides a non-slip grip on almost any surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors with confidence. Separate metal spikes are available for users who wish to replace the standard rubber feet with metal "all-terrain" spikes.

    • The 2-section leg design allows for a maximum height of 34.93 cm, a minimum working height of 7.37 cm and a folded length of 25.65 cm.
    • The tripod weighs 1.13kg and can safely hold up to 22.68kg.
    • Twist locks with integrated wipers to keep particles out of the locking mechanism.
    • The Versa-Apex, which accepts a 75mm video ball, has multiple 1/4"-20 threads for accessories.
    • The rubber feet provide a non-slip grip on surfaces and can be replaced with metallic "all-terrain" spikes, sold separately.