Really Right Stuff TFC-34L MK2 - Ultralight Series 3 carbon tripod

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Tripods from Really Right Stuff are high quality and are characterized by these features, among others:

    • Optimal ratio of load capacity to own weight
    • Removable hand strap for carrying safety or for additional stabilization
    • Tripod leg made of ultra-thin-walled carbon tubes with a large diameter ensure excellent stability and vibration absorption with low weight (patented RRS carbon)
    • Ventilated legs allow the legs to be inserted more quickly without building up pressure
    • Interchangeable foot The teardrop-shaped design of the foot ensures a secure hold and prevents the legs from touching the ground when spread. Can optionally be replaced with stainless steel spikes
    • Installation of additional accessories possible thanks to 3 x 1/4" UNC threads in the tripod shoulder for holding weapon mounts, small ball heads, etc
    • Integrated inserts and O-rings keep the tripod leg locks clean for longer
    • Twist lock ergonomic ring made of rubber-coated aluminum for a good grip and comfortable release and locking. Simultaneous operation on each leg possible and only a quarter turn required to release
    • reversible platform mounting bolt (1/4" UNC or 3/8" UNC thread)

    The Really Right Stuff TFC-34L Mk2 tripod with a height of 1.74 m is the extra-large version of the Series 3 with a narrow, fixed tripod shoulder. With a weight of only 2068 g and a load capacity of up to 20 kg, the TFC-34L Mk2 tripod is ideal for hunting and shooting sports.


    • Number of tripod leg segments (per leg): 4
    • Load capacity (fully extended): 20 kg
    • Max. installation height: 1.74 m
    • Min. installation height: 10.0 cm
    • Transport length: 61 cm
    • Weight: 2.068kg
    • Diameter (in transport position): 10.0 cm
    • narrow, fixed tripod shoulder

    Mk2 Series 3 tripods are the ideal choice for heavy firearms as they provide robust and reliable support. The tripod easily handles the weight of heavy firearms and enables precise shots in different situations.

    The RRS BH-55 ball head perfectly complements the tripod (not included) and provides a precise and stable platform for heavy firearms. Its innovative technology and high-quality workmanship ensure reliable handling and enable easy alignment of the firearm. With this combination of Mk2 Series 3 tripod and BH-55 ball head, you are optimally equipped to master even the most demanding firearm-specific challenges.