Raven Wrap Kit Multicam

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With the ability to use individual strap MOLLE pouches, shooting support accessory straps, and attach to the tripod, the Raven Wrap assists you in various applications such as camouflage and hide building.

The accessory straps are conveniently stored in the leg protectors and remain discreetly in the background until they are used. The laser-cut MOLLE slots on the leg guards not only serve as attachment points for additional equipment, but can also be used as practical attachment points for plant material. A flexible shock rope wrapped around the leg guards allows for easy attachment of vegetation and can be individually adjusted for desired tension.

In the fully assembled configuration, the Raven Wrap allows for three different laser-cut MOLLE panels to fill the gap between the top tripod legs. This gives you the option of attaching pockets to the panels both outside and inside. The kit comes in a main accessory bag that can be attached to any of the panels for equipment, tools, food, etc. The main accessory pocket features a clear sleeve pocket on the outside that can be used for dope cards or other important information. Additionally, a mesh hammock is attached to the three tripod legs, allowing for temporary storage of frequently used equipment.

The Raven Wrap Kit comes with a main accessory bag, three leg pads, a MOLLE panel (additional MOLLE panels sold separately), three accessory straps, a hammock and three self-adhesive hook strips to ensure the leg pads do not slip or rotate after installation.

This product is compatible with tripods like the

Really Right Stuff – TFCT-24L,

Really Right Stuff – TFCT-34L,

Manfrotto – 055 Carbon Fiber and Aluminum,

Shadow Tech LLC – 0311PIG Aluminum.

The Raven Wrap specifications include high quality 500D Cordura material for durability and reliability.

With adaptability to tripods with an exposed mounting surface of 15" or longer on the top leg of the tripod, the Raven Wrap is the perfect choice for optimizing your photography equipment for a variety of uses.