Kriss Vector barrel cover .22lr

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This barrel cover contains everything you need to convert your Vector .22LR CRB into an exact replica of the Vector CRB large caliber rifles. The barrel shroud is tailor-made for a secure fit around the Vector .22LR barrel.

Please note:

  • The barrel cover is for aesthetics only, has no sound dampening capabilities and is not a barrel extension.
  • The barrel shroud is not compatible with the factory handguard for the Vector .22LR CRB. The hand protection must be permanently dismantled.

This is a cosmetic item for use with Vector 22 CRB models with 16" barrels. It covers the 16" barrel of the Vector carbine for improved visual aesthetics.

This is neither a barrel extension nor a silencer. It cannot be used with other Vector barrel models as a barrel extension or for any other purpose.

The weapon shown is not part of the scope of delivery; only the barrel cover shown is included in the scope of delivery.