Fix It Sticks Scope Leveler

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Use the Fix It Sticks Scope Leveler to quickly and easily align your scope with your NATO or Pica rail.

Using the leveler is easy: simply mount the scope leveler to your rifle's NATO or Pica rail, underneath your scope. Rotate the leveler drive handle (the leveler works with any 1/4" bit system) until the lift arm contacts the flat area of ​​the scope under its turrets. Once the scope is level, maintain pressure to keep the scope horizontal while tightening the ring fittings.

In cases of minimal clearance, it may be necessary to remove the thumbscrew and bracket, then slide the scope leveler from the side onto the rail and reassemble.


  • Requires at least 1/4" (6.35mm) clearance between rail and bottom of scope.
  • Works with any scope with a flat section under the turrets.
  • The NATO/Pic rail must be accessible under the scope.
  • Does not work with one-piece assemblies.