B&T BT35-LW17 5-H Atlas bipod

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The Atlas 5-H bipod is the result of B&T Industries' years of experience and expertise in bipod manufacturing. Designed specifically for use on weapons with large calibers such as .50 BMG and similar cartridges, it is a must for the big bore shooter. The company is known worldwide for its high-quality bipods used by police and military.

The BT35-LW17 bipod has a quick release assembly, which allows for quick assembly and disassembly. The bipod is made of 6061-T6 aluminum construction and Type 3 anodization, which makes it highly resistant to impacts and scratches. Screws and holders are made of steel, ensuring additional stability and durability.

With a foot spacing of 368-495mm (at a 90° angle), the height of the bipod can be generously adjusted from 140mm to 267mm to suit the shooter's specific needs. The outside legs do not rotate around the inside ones, allowing for increased stability and control when shooting. In addition, the pan and tilt range is a total of 30°, giving the shooter a wider range and precision.

The Atlas 5-H bipod also offers excellent flexibility. The legs can be adjusted separately in 5 positions: folded backwards, 45° backwards, 90° downwards, 45° forwards and folded forwards. These settings allow the shooter to adapt more quickly to changing shooting conditions and environments.

Overall, the Atlas 5-H bipod is a high quality and reliable accessory for shooters who require high precision and stability when using large calibers. The bipod is one of the top solutions on the market and has proven itself to be a first-class product.