Breakthrough Clean Vision Series pistol cleaning set .22

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The .22 Caliber Vision Series Cleaning Kit is designed specifically for .22 caliber handguns and provides everything you need for a thorough cleaning. Weighing 0.75 pounds and measuring 7" long, 1.75" wide, and 0.25" deep, this cleaning kit is compact and easy to handle.


  • Weight: 0.75 lbs (approx. 340 g)
  • Length: 7"
  • Width: 1.75"
  • Depth: 0.25"
  • Compatibility: .22 caliber handguns


  • 2 brass rods
  • 1 polymer T-handle
  • 1 brass patch holder
  • patches
  • 1 12ml bottle of Battle Born High Purity Oil
  • 1 15ml bottle of Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent

The .22 caliber Vision Series Cleaning Kit is equipped with a plastic tray that keeps all of the various parts of the kit neatly organized while also functioning as a durable case. The cleaning kits include cleaning rods, various hard bristle nylon brushes, jags, patch holders and cotton patches. Additionally, a durable polymer "T" handle is included for an easy grip, as well as mini bottles of Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent and Battle Born High-Purity Oil.

With this cleaning kit you will have all the necessary tools and materials on hand to keep your .22 caliber handguns in top condition.