Breakthrough Clean Universal gun cleaning kit with steel rods

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The practical universal weapon cleaning set from Breakthrough Clean LOC-U (Long Gun Operator's Cleaning Kit – Universal) is specially developed for the cleaning, maintenance and care of weapons in a caliber range from .22 to 12.

In addition to long-lasting cleaning tools, the kit includes first-class products for cleaning, lubricating, protecting and maintaining weapons: Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent, Battle Born Weapon Grease and Battle Born High-Purity Lubricant and Care Oil. The set includes a feather-light Molle-Back carrying bag for perfect carrying comfort or easy attachment to a piece of luggage of your choice.

Included in the kit:

  • ✓ 1x Molle back carry bag
    ✓ 5x cleaning rods with a combined working length of 93.90 cm
    ✓ 1x polymer T-handle
    ✓ 1x nylon cleaning brush
    ✓ 6x nylon brushes with bore caliber .22/.223, caliber .30, caliber .38/9mm, caliber .40/10mm, caliber .45, caliber 12
    ✓ 1x adapter for shotguns
    ✓ 1x brass patch holder for shotguns
    ✓ 2x brass patch holders – .22/.223 cal., .30 cal.
    ✓ Cleaning patches
    ✓ 59ml bottle of Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent
    ✓ 59 ml bottle of Battle Born High-Purity lubricating and care oil
    ✓ Silicone cloth