Breakthrough Clean Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant and Protectant

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The Battle Born HP Pro lubricant and protectant is a blend of high quality 100% synthetic weapon cleaning oils. The odorless, non-toxic lubricant is effective and prevents foam and rust. It offers excellent and long-lasting corrosion protection because it is equipped with high-pressure and wear protection. The innovative Breakthrough Clean lubricating and care oil is suitable for use on metal, plastic and polymer components and can be used safely in a temperature range of -65°F / -54°C to 507°F / 264°C.

Special features and advantages:

  • ✓ 100% synthetic
    ✓ Withstands extreme temperature ranges
    ✓ Rust and corrosion protection
    ✓ Odorless
    ✓ Non-toxic
    ✓ Not dangerous
    ✓ Non-staining
    ✓ Protects against wear and friction
    ✓ Water and moisture resistant
    ✓ Made in the USA

Instructions for use:

  1. Before applying, use Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent to remove old grease and/or residue in areas where Battle Born HP Pro Oil will be applied.
  2. Apply a thin coat of Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Care Oil to metal surfaces where friction and wear are expected and allow the oil to sit and bond to the metal for several hours.
  3. Apply an additional thin coat of Battle Born HP Pro Lubricant & Conditioning Oil to improve metal conditioning, protection and lubrication.