Breakthrough Clean Battle Born High Purity Oil

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The Breakthrough Clean Battle Born High Purity Oil is a care and lubricant of the highest quality. It is a blend of carefully selected 100% synthetic gun cleaning oils. The non-toxic, odorless all-purpose oil ensures long-lasting and efficient corrosion protection due to its anti-rust, anti-foam and anti-wear components. Perfect lubrication is possible without any problems under extreme pressure and within a temperature range of -67°C to 213°C.

Special features and advantages:

  • ✓ Withstands a wide range of temperatures
    ✓ Rust and corrosion protection
    ✓ Biodegradable
    ✓ Water and steam resistant
    ✓ Reduces friction and wear
    ✓ Non-flammable
    ✓ Non-toxic
    ✓ Odorless
    ✓ Non-staining
    ✓ 100% synthetic
    ✓ Made in the USA

Instructions for use:

  1. Prior to application, use Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent to remove old grease and/or residue in areas where Battle Born High-Purity Oil will be applied.
  2. Apply a thin coat of Battle Born High-Purity Oil to metal surfaces where friction and wear are expected and allow the oil to sit and bond to the metal for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Apply additional thin coats to improve metal conditioning, protection and lubrication.