Breakthrough Clean Ammo Can Gun Cleaning Kit

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The universally applicable Breakthrough Clean weapon cleaning set is intended for all firearms in the caliber range from .22 to 12. The practical box in the style of an ammo can offers plenty of storage space for first-class tools and high-quality cleaning and care products.

Included are the Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent for deep cleaning, the Battle Born High-Purity lubricating and care oil and the Battle Born weapon grease for lubrication, care and protection. In addition, the gun cleaning set includes long-lasting cleaning tools for thorough cleaning of firearms. The sturdy Ammo Can is ideal for gifting and essential for personal use for optimal weapon maintenance.

Included in the kit:

  • ✓ 1x Robust storage box in the style of an ammo can
    ✓ 1x Tuff Tainer – tool box
    ✓ 1x 177ml bottle of Breakthrough ® Military-Grade Solvent
    ✓ 1x 177ml bottle of Battle Born High-Purity lubricating and care oil
    ✓ 1x 12ml syringe with PTFE-reinforced innovative Battle Born weapon grease
    ✓ 5x cleaning rods with a combined working length of 93.98 cm
    ✓ 1x polymer T-handle
    ✓ 1x nylon cleaning brush
    ✓ 6x nylon brushes with bore caliber .22/.223, caliber .30, caliber .357/.38/9mm, caliber 10mm/.40, caliber .45, caliber 12
    ✓ 1x shotgun rod adapter
    ✓ 1x brass shotgun holder
    ✓ 1x brass patch holder – .22/.223 cal., .30 cal.
    ✓ 6x brass tips - caliber .22 to 12 caliber
    ✓ 1x 35.50cm x 35.50cm microfiber towel
    ✓ 1x silicone cloth
    ✓ 1x Swab-its® Gun Tips® foam swab
    ✓ 20x cleaning pads

Safety instructions:
DANGER: If medical advice is required, have container or label at hand. Keep out of reach of children.