AX magazine .308 9 rounds

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The AI ​​Original Metal Magazine with 9 round capacity is the ideal choice for shooters looking for a balance between ammunition reserve and tactical flexibility. Precision crafted by Accuracy International, this magazine offers the highest quality and reliability to meet your needs.


    • Optimal number of rounds: With a capacity of 9 rounds, this magazine offers an excellent combination of extended ammunition reserve and compact design. Ideal for shooting situations where a moderate number of shots per magazine is required.
    • Precise Manufacturing: The AI ​​Original Metal Magazine is manufactured with the highest precision to meet the exact standards of Accuracy International. Precise construction ensures reliable performance and perfect fit.
    • Slim Profile: Despite the increased number of rounds, the magazine maintains a slim profile so as not to compromise handling and comfort of use.
    • Ambidextrous release: The ambidextrous release enables smooth operation and quick magazine changes to act efficiently in any situation.
    • Reliability: AI's 9-round magazine is designed to ensure reliable ammunition delivery while meeting the demands of demanding shooting situations.

    The AI ​​Original metal magazine with 9 rounds capacity offers an optimal balance between number of shots and tactical flexibility. Trust in the proven quality of Accuracy International and equip your precision rifle with this high-quality magazine.