AI Muzzle Brake without SD mounting caliber .30

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The AI ​​Standard Muzzle Brake is a premium addition for shooters who value improved shooting precision and recoil control. Developed by AI, a leader in firearms technology, this muzzle brake system offers outstanding performance and innovative features.


  • Effective Recoil Control: The AI ​​Standard Muzzle Brake noticeably reduces recoil, allowing you to fire precise and controlled shots. The improved stability contributes to optimized shooting accuracy.
  • Easy Installation: Easy assembly makes the AI ​​Standard Muzzle Brake a user-friendly solution. It is easy to use for both experienced shooters and newbies.
  • Compatibility: The AI ​​Standard Muzzle Brake is compatible with a variety of rifles and adapts flexibly to different calibers. A versatile option for shooters with different weapons.
  • Precision manufactured: Manufactured with the highest precision and from high quality materials, the AI ​​Standard Muzzle Brake guarantees durability and reliability. It is designed to withstand the rigors of intensive use.