AI silencer .338 Lapua

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The AI ​​silencer in .338 Lapua caliber is the ultimate accessory for precision shooters seeking maximum precision and minimal acoustic signature. Developed by Accuracy International, a renowned name in the world of precision rifles, this silencer provides effective noise reduction without compromising the performance of your .338 Lapua rifle.


  • Optimized attenuation: The AI ​​silencer .338 Lapua has been optimized specifically for this caliber to ensure maximum attenuation of gunshot noise. Reduce the acoustic signature and minimize disturbances in your environment.
  • Precise Construction: Manufactured from high quality materials and using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, the silencer offers precise construction. This guarantees reliable and consistent performance with every shot.
  • Compatibility with AI Rifles: The suppressor is perfectly matched to Accuracy International models to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. A perfect addition to any .338 Lapua rifle.
  • Lightweight: Despite its effectiveness, the AI ​​silencer is lightweight and does not affect the balance or handling of the rifle. This allows for comfortable use without additional burden.
  • Robust coating: The robust coating protects the silencer from the elements and ensures a long service life, even in demanding conditions.

Enjoy precision in silence:

The AI ​​silencer .338 Lapua offers the ideal combination of precision and noise reduction. Immerse yourself in the world of silent shooting without compromising the performance of your .338 Lapua rifle. Trust Accuracy International's proven quality and minimize acoustic signals for an optimal shooting experience.