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AI cleaning set - Professional Series for official use

The AI ​​cleaning set of the Professional Series was specially developed for demanding official use and guarantees maximum reliability and efficiency in the maintenance of precision rifles. Manufactured by Accuracy International, a trusted name in the precision rifle world, this cleaning kit offers outstanding performance to ensure your firearm is always ready for use.


  • Robust construction: The AI ​​cleaning set is made of high-quality materials to meet the demanding standards of official use. The robust construction ensures a long service life and reliability in every situation.
  • Comprehensive cleaning: The set contains all the necessary tools and cleaning brushes to thoroughly clean your precision rifle and remove deposits. The professional series offers a comprehensive solution for the maintenance of your weapon.
  • Precision results: Thanks to the precise manufacturing and thoughtful design of the cleaning set, you will achieve optimal cleaning results to maintain the accuracy and performance of your weapon.
  • Portable and compact: The set is designed to be portable and compact to ensure easy carrying and handling in official use. It fits comfortably in your gear without taking up much space.
  • Regulatory Approved: Designed to meet the strict requirements of government use, this cleaning kit is designed to meet the high standards and regulations required in professional environments.

Take advantage of Accuracy International's precision care:

The Professional Series AI Cleaning Kit is the ultimate choice for law enforcement shooters who demand the highest performance and reliability from their equipment. Care for your precision rifle with this professional cleaning kit and rely on the proven quality of Accuracy International when it comes to maintaining your weapon.