AW & AICS Magazine .300 WM 5/10 shots

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Size: 5 shots
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The AI ​​Original metal magazine with selectable shot capacity offers you the flexibility to adapt the number of shots to your individual needs. Developed by Accuracy International, this magazine represents the highest level of precision and reliability and allows you to vary the firing capacity depending on the usage scenario.


  • Variable firing capacity: Choose between a 5-shot or 10-shot variant to best meet your tactical needs. This flexibility allows you to adapt the magazine to different situations.
  • Precise Manufacturing: The AI ​​Original Metal Magazine is manufactured with the highest precision to meet Accuracy International's high standards. Precise construction ensures reliable performance and optimal fit.
  • Slim Profile: Regardless of the firing capacity selected, the magazine maintains a slim profile so as not to compromise handling and comfort of use.
  • Ambidextrous unlocking: The ambidextrous unlocking ensures intuitive operation and enables quick magazine changes, regardless of the number of shots selected.
  • Reliability: Whether 5 or 10 rounds, this magazine is designed to ensure maximum reliability and consistent ammunition delivery, even under demanding conditions.

The AI ​​Original metal magazine with selectable firing capacity offers you maximum versatility and is the perfect addition to your precision rifle. Rely on the proven quality of Accuracy International and adapt your shooting capacity to the respective mission.