Breakthrough Clean Battle Born Grease Pattern

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The Breakthrough Battle Born Grease sample offers you the opportunity to experience the outstanding quality of this lubricant. The Battle Born Grease is the flagship product from Breakthrough Clean Technologies® and is designed to provide the highest performance and protection for your firearm.

This lubricant is formulated with pure synthetic oils, shear stability additives and submicron PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). It effectively protects against wear and corrosion, provides excellent lubrication and remains stable even under extreme conditions. The Battle Born Grease is ideal for moving parts, gears, bearings and other critical components of your firearm.

With the Battle Born Grease sample you will receive a small sample of this premium lubricant. Try for yourself how it helps extend the life of your firearm and ensure smooth operation. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the quality of Breakthrough Clean Technologies® for professional care and protection of your firearm.